Dry Cleaning

At Ziker we take pride in the value your garments have to you. We want your garments to look better, last longer, and make you feel good in them. Our process starts with identifying and treating for professional stain removal. Some things to consider when you stain your garment:

  • Bring the garment to us as soon as possible. The longer a stain is on the garment the more difficult it is to remove
  • We have the best chance of removing the stain if it has not been touched. It can be set with pre-treating, washing and or drying at home.
  • Be sure to tell us about the stain when you drop off the garment. It is helpful to know where it is located and what the stain is.

Ziker’s unique cleaning process uses the most advanced and non-toxic techniques, solvents, and detergents in the marketplace. This assures your garments will look better and last longer. All garments, even your everyday casual wear such as jeans and polos are cleaned and pressed to make you look and feel great in them.

Drop off your dry cleaning at any one of our convenient store locations or we can come to your house and save you gas, time and money! Offering the same prices as in our stores, and FREE home pickup and delivery right to your door!

No Upcharges – our base price is the price you pay per item.

  Shirt Services

Not happy with the way your button up shirts look when you take them out of the dryer? Ironing not your thing? Ziker’s shirt service is a very affordable way to keep you looking good. Give us a try to see if you will ever want to pull your shirts out of the dryer again.

  Lightning Laundry

Let Ziker Wash, Dry & Fold professionals assist you with your laundry needs today! The Ziker Team will Wash, Dry & Fold and professionally package returning your laundry items in a safe and sanitary package where all you have to do is put it away. Your laundry is processed separately from other customers laundry. This assures that you get your laundry done safely, fast, and all your items returned to you. This service includes items like the following, that do not require Dry Cleaning or pressing:

  • Pants and shorts
  • Shirts and t-shirts
  • Pajamas
  • Socks
  • Activewear
  • Hoodies and sweatshirts
  • Undergarments
  • Towels and sheets

Sign up here for a laundry delivery service, or a dollar saving monthly subscription, or bring your laundry to any super convenient Ziker location.

The Cost – Our special laundry bag holds around 2.5 regular at home laundry loads. Purchase the bag for a one-time cost of $5, fill it and we do the rest for $30/bag. This includes store drop off or delivery service. Turnaround time is, same day at Ziker locations, 3 days on delivery service.

Save $’s with The Monthly Subscription: $100/month that includes 4 bags/month.

  Home Delivery Service

Ziker Delivery Service is the ultimate in convenience and contactless service. And better yet, this add-on service is FREE to any customer in our service area. Simply click here to sign up, call, chat, or swing by one of our convenient locations to get started. This service runs every 3 days for fast turnaround time for your order. With a credit card on file, VIP Delivery Service bag, and door hanger delivery system, you don’t need to be at home, and or meet with the driver for the service to be efficient. Just leave your order on your doorstep day of service and we do the rest. If you have any special instructions, stain information, alterations or repairs requests, please leave a note in the bag or call your driver.

  Same Day Service

Ziker’s unique Same Day Service assures our customers can rely on our technology based systems that assure your order that is in one of our locations by 9 AM M-F will be ready at 5:30 PM that same day. Rest assured there are no shortcuts for spot or stain removal, Green Process Cleaning, expert garment finishing and packaging of your order. Receive texts and notifications about your order. Sign up for an account online to see your order history and to receive monthly promotions, consumer education tips and information about Ziker that you might find interesting.

  Alterations & Tailoring

Ziker has a legacy of performing professional alterations and tailoring services to its South Bend, Granger, Mishawaka, and Elkhart customers.  Heck, Joe Ziker the founder of Ziker started this locally owned and run business in 1917 as a tailor in downtown South Bend serving the traveling Vaudeville entertainers. Now 3 generations later, his Grandson, David Ziker recognized a void of this service in the South Bend and surrounding market areas.  Over the past few years Ziker has recruited a team of talented Tailors to serve its customer with their tailoring and alteration needs:

  • Pants, Shorts and Skirts hemming, waist adjustments and leg tapering
  • Dresses needing hemming, body tapering, strap adjustments
  • Sport/Suit Coat or Jackets and Outerwear body tapering, sleeve length adjustments
  • Replacing zippers and buttons
  • Repairing seams and hems
  • Adding or removing service patches

Stop by a Ziker location with a tailor waiting to serve you, fit you, or consult you regarding your wardrobe.  Ziker Tailors hours are Monday-Friday 10 AM to 6 PM or by appointment.  The current locations are:

  • 625 E Jefferson South Bend (next to Barnaby’s)
  • 420 E Ireland Road, South Bend (corner of Fellows)
  • 7424 Gumwood Road, Granger (Toscana Park)
  • 1241 Bittersweet Common Granger (in front of Granger Post Office on SR 23)

  Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

What do you do with the dress from one of the most memorable days of your life? Bring it to Ziker and we will have your wedding gown professionally cleaned and preserved that will last a lifetime. Ziker also offers this in a gift format that makes a really nice wedding gift for the bride.

Call, chat, or stop by get a quote for your particular wedding gown cleaning and preservation.

  Express Bags

In a hurry? Places to go? Ziker offers express drop off bags to customers who prefers not to wait when dropping off their garments. They can also be used after hours in any of our 24 hour drop boxes. Simply ask for one when you come in next, and we will take the wait out of your day.

  Marching Band Uniforms

Want to keep from stinking up the band? Band uniforms are very expensive and require professional cleaning. They are usually wool or a wool blend and are susceptible to damage from perspiration and rubbing under the armpits during marching. Wearing a t-shirt underneath will help absorb some perspiration. Yet you will have other common stains due to all the pep rallies and football games such as grass stains, mud, sugary drinks and food. Uniforms should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent stains from setting and to avoid attracting insects that prey on wool garments. So, march in to Ziker where we can accommodate all your band needs. Call for Special group pricing.

  Choir Robes

Do you love to sing and dance while looking your best? At Ziker we will take care of either your church choir robes or your show choir dresses. To look your best have them cleaned at least twice a year especially if there is soil from make up and perspiration. Call for Special group pricing.

  Household Items

Is your comforter too big for your washing machine? Did your pet have an accident? Is your comforter dry clean only? We professionally clean bedding that is best suited for each item. We also clean and press other household items, to keep them looking their best after each use.

Examples: Comforters and bed spreads, Duvets, Down comforters, Blankets, Sleeping bags, Sheets, tablecloths, and napkins.