Lightning Laundry

Let us do your laundry.
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Participating Locations:

Stay tuned for more Ziker Lightning Laundry Locations coming in 2019!

How does Lightning Laundry work?

We’ll provide you with (2) Ziker Cleaners laundry bags at no cost. If you sign up in store, you’ll get your bags the same day. Sign up over the phone and your bags will come on the next pickup/delivery day for your route. If you want us to pick up your laundry before you receive your Ziker bag, set your clothes out in a different bag. If you ever decide to drop the service, we ask that you simply return the bags.

Our Process:

Pick up:

Leave your bag of clothes on the front porch/back porch or in a designated coat closet for businesses that decide to use for this service. We can provide door hangers at no charge. Make sure your bag is protected from the rain and in a visible location for our drivers!  


Our driver stops 2X a week on Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday. This is also the corresponding turnaround time for most laundry. The service is designed for customers who have laundry weekly or every two weeks at a minimum. If you’re looking for more sporadic usage, let us know you want to set up an “on-call” account. 


$25 per bag—no matter how much laundry you stuff inside! (Note: Comforters and other Dry Cleaning items are subject to their own pricing.)

Billing Setup:

Billing occurs at the end of the month using a credit card on file for your account. We can email you a statement of the month’s invoices upon request. We do not sell any customer’s personal information and third party professionals maintain all information securely. 

A Greener Clean

Our laundry process conserves water and eliminates harmful chemicals. It’s a safer clean today for a greener Earth tomorrow.