General Questions

What is drycleaning?

Drycleaning is cleaning fabrics without the use of water. We use GreenEarth silicone solution, which is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and the safest for our environment.

Why choose professional garment care?

1. Regular professional care of your garments will restore/enhance the color, feel, and freshness to like new.

2. Professional stain/spot removal will not damage the color or properties of your garments like when you use home spotting products.

3. Professional finishing equipment ensures your garments are wrinkle-free and look their best.

Can you remove stains?

We can remove most stains, but we cannot guarantee it. To ensure best results:

1. Bring us the item as soon as possible.

2. Let us know what caused the stain.

3. Do NOT pretreat, wash, or dry it at home.

What items are high risk?

​There are certain items that dry cleaners consider “high risk”. These types of garments include:

· Beads & Brooches

· Faux Leather & Suede

· Sewn or glued on accessories

· Contrasting Colors (dark colors with white)

· Feathers, fringe, and tassels

· Spot Clean Only Care Labels

We follow all care label instructions to ensure the best quality for your garments and take extra precautions with garments noted above. However, we reserve the right to decline an item if we consider it too risky.

What items don’t you clean?

Window treatments, rugs, upholstery, shoes, purses/handbags, leather, and fur.


How does it work?

We will be in your area twice a week. Pickup and delivery days will either be Mondays & Thursdays or Tuesdays & Fridays. Once signed up, you will receive a text message asking if you have an order for pickup. When you respond YES prior to 7am on your pickup day, please leave your bag outside and we’ll pick up your order and it will be delivered the next day we are in your area.

Don’t have a pickup? No problem! Simply ignore the text message.

Note: If you respond STOP – We assume you want removed from our pickup and delivery service and text messages will no longer be sent.

I don’t have a bag; can I still send in my items?

Absolutely! Customers can leave their order in a recyclable bag if they do not have one and once your items are returned, you’ll have an official Ziker reusable garment bag to send your dirty items in. Need an extra? Just let us know & we’ll send a spare!

How soon does my order come back?

Pickup and delivery orders are a 3-day turnaround service. Depending on where you are serviced, you’ll either be on a Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday schedule. Household and Alteration items could take longer.

Is there a delivery fee?

The delivery service is FREE. Simply put a credit card on file with our secure system and we’re on the way!

Can you come to my business?

Of course! As long as you are in one of our designated service areas. We service homes, apartments, condos & businesses. Have a special pickup/delivery request!? We can most likely accommodate that too.

Do I have to be home when my driver comes?

No, you do not! Your driver’s schedule is from 7am-6pm. Every day is different; your driver will arrive at any point between those times. Rest assured; your order will be picked up.


How do I sign up for subscription?

You can go to any store location during business hours and our associates will assist you with activating your subscription or you can go to https://account.mydrycleaner.com/ZIKERIN/#/login to log in or create an account if you don’t have one already. After putting in all your information and credit card in our secure system, select SUBSCRIPTION PLANS at the top, follow the prompts and activate your plan from there.

What happens if everything doesn’t fit back into my laundry bag once my clothes are folded?

Here is how we handle that! If the limit exceeds another bag by more than half of another bag, there will be an overflow fee of $15.

How do I cancel/pause my subscription?

You can cancel or pause your subscription by emailing customercare@zikercleaners.com.

1. No refunds will be given on subscription plans if you cancel your subscription before it’s used up.

2. If you choose to “pause” your subscription, you must contact us or sign back up online when you are ready to resume the service.

Can I gift Lightning Laundry to someone?

Yes! Our Lightning Laundry service is a perfect gift for college students, the elderly, new mothers, bereavement periods and times of sickness, or just a kind gesture!

What items should NOT be put in the lightning laundry bag?

1. Any item that is dry clean only, hand washed/delicate, hang dried or that you wish to be pressed.

2. Household items: Comforters, large blankets & bedspreads. Anything too big for an at home washer & dryer. We recommend sending those through our household process for the best results.


Why do some of my shirts cost more?

There are a few reasons why your button-down shirt might require hand finishing and cost more.

1. Fabric: The shirt is not high percentage cotton. The shirt may be damaged on the pressing equipment if it is one of the following fabrics: Silk, Linen, Denim, Rayon, or Flannel.

2. Size: The shirt is too big or too small to fit on the shirt pressing equipment. Size limits to the pressing equipment are Small to XXL.

3. Buttons or Snaps: Specialty buttons/snaps can break, melt, or cause damage to your shirt.

4. Heavy Duty: Utility pockets, shoulder straps, or a heavy-duty uniform shirt will be damaged on the pressing equipment. Examples: Police, Pilots or Military Uniforms.


Where does my gown go?

We send wedding gowns to the experts: Wedding Gown Preservation Company in New York.

When and how do I get my gown back?

Turn around time depends on the season. During peak times, it could take up to 8 weeks.

Your gown will be delivered directly to your home by UPS. We will provide your tracking number when you drop off your gown. (You must be present to sign for delivery)


Do I need an appointment?

We highly recommend you make an appointment to guarantee our tailors are available for you.

When will my item be ready?

Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks. If you need your item sooner, it will be subject to a rush fee.


It’s my first visit, what do I do?

Don’t panic. Simply touch the screen and it will guide you through the process. If you need help, press the assistance button. Or if you prefer face to face, an associate is available Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.