General Questions

How soon do I get my garments back?

All orders dropped off by 9 AM Monday-Friday to any Ziker’s 8 super convenient, modern, and attended with a well trained staff will be ready Lightning Fast by 5:30 PM that same day.

Orders dropped off after 9 AM will be ready after 5:30 the following day with the exception of Friday and Saturday when those orders will be ready for pickup Monday at 5:30 PM. Household items and Tailoring/Alterations are the exception.

Why go to a dry cleaner?

Did you know that regular dry cleaning of your garments will restore/enhance the color, the feel/body, and freshness to like new just like when you bought your garments brand new. Also, professional stain/spot removal will not damage the color or properties of your garments like when you use home spotting products.

How do I pick a dry cleaner?

Google will show you the dry cleaners close to or on your way home, to work, and or regular places you go along with the reviews to research. Beyond that, Ziker has the most convenient locations in the area that are optimized for your convenience. Most Ziker locations have convenient drive up service. All Ziker locations have convenient 24/7 drop off drop boxes. Ziker’s service is Lighting Fast, same day service before 9 AM M-F and next day service after 9AM. And Ziker has the most ultra-convenience service any dry cleaner offers, that is Free Home Pick-up and Delivery service. Check zikerfresh.com to see if Ziker services other customers in your area.

What other services do dry cleaners offer that would benefit me?

Full service dry cleaners like Ziker offer a professional laundered and pressed Shirt Service, Ziker offers a professional wash-dry & fold service called Lightning Laundry, Ziker offers an alterations and tailoring service that is price competitive and faster than most other local services and Ziker offers other related services that can help you save time and effort. To see all Ziker can do for you check the website page for services.

Why choose Ziker?

There are many reasons to use a professional drycleaner and launderer, and more reasons that set us apart from our competitors. Here are a few…

  • Leave the stain/spot removal to the professionals.
  • Drycleaning extends the life of natural fibers like, wool, cotton, and linen, it also restores the body/feel of the fabric and prevents color loss.
  • Ironing? Leave the ironing and finishing of your wardrobe to the professionals to look your best!
  • We have an amazing, helpful, and engaged team of employees!
  • We have been locally owned and operated by the Ziker family for over 100 years!
  • We are involved and enjoy participating in frequent community projects!
  • We have convenient hours and an on-demand route to serve you!
  • We have lightning-fast turnaround on most services!
  • We send you notifications when your order/garments are ready
  • 8 convenient locations serving you with 6 that feature ultra-convenient drive-up in car service.

Ziker Company Values

  • Customers Rule
  • Making a Difference in Our Communities
  • Quality Relationships with Employees
  • Passion for Progress

Can you alter or tailor my garments?

We are so glad you asked! At Ziker, our mission is to make you and your garments look and feel the best they possibly can, and that includes making them fit exactly how you like! Drop off alterations/repairs at any convenient Ziker location. We do recommend setting an appointment with one of our talented seamstresses for more tailoring and fitting of your garments. However, our tailors are on site at noted locations Monday-Friday 10:00AM-6:00PM. Expected turnaround time is no longer than 2 weeks. click here.

What are “High Risk” Garments?

There are certain items that dry cleaners consider “high risk”. These types of garments include:

  • Beads & Broches
  • Faux Leather & Suede
  • Sewn on accessories
  • Contrasting Colors (dark colors with white)
  • Feathers
  • Spot Clean Only Care Labels

At Ziker, we follow all care label instructions to ensure the best quality for your garments and take extra precautions with garments noted above.

What items don’t you clean?

Window Treatments, Rugs, Upholstery, Shoes, Purses/Handbags, Leather, & Fur.

Do you clean & preserve wedding gowns?

Yes we do. Wedding Gowns require a very specific and expert process. To assure our customers get the best possible Wedding Gown cleaning and preservation Ziker uses the Wedding Gown Preservation Company. Your gown will be sent directly to them, upon completion it will be UPS’d right to your door. The Wedding Gown Preservation Company uses the ultimate in gentle and environmentally safe processes. They have expert seamstresses and accessories to restore your gown to like new. They also have the highest level of safe stain processes in the country. After processing, your gown will be fitted on an acid-free bust form and packed in acid-neutral preservation chest with a peek window. After the gown is clean, pressed and preserved. It will be shipped from their facility and delivered directly to your home. We do require payment when you drop your gown off.

Commonly asked Pick-up and Delivery Questions

How soon do I get my garments back?

Pickup and Delivery orders are 3 day service, check your address for the service area delivery schedule. Household items and Alterations could take longer.

Is there a delivery fee?

That is the best part of this ultimate in convenience service, it’s FREE. Simply put a valid credit card on file and we are on the way!

Can you come to my business?

Of course, we can! We go to homes, apartments, and businesses. These are Ziker’s current pickup and delivery service areas:

Indiana: South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury, Plymouth, Bremen, Lapaz, Lakeville, New Carlisle.

Michigan: Niles, Edwardsburg, Cassopolis, Union.