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About Ziker Cleaners

Ziker Cleaners was founded by Joe Ziker in 1917. Joe was a Russian immigrant that came to America as a young teenager sent by his parents to find a better life. Joe had tailoring skills that allowed him to open a small shop on Michigan Street in Downtown South Bend serving the traveling Vaudeville entertainers with their wardrobes. Joe and his wife Molly grew the business by the 1940’s to a 55 store professional drycleaning and laundry full service operation. After WW2, Mort, their oldest son joined the company and transformed the into a more manageable and profitable operation by 1960.

At that time the youngest son Bob joined the company after graduating with a Marketing Degree from Indiana University Bloomington. Bob and Mort ran the company together until 1975 when Bob left the company. During those first 60 years Ziker changed its service territories, and customers, and services it offered, and also grew thru industry acquisitions in the local South Bend area. David, Mort’s son joined the company in 1978 and Mort’s son-in-law Dave Fischgrund joined the company in 1984. Together under Mort’s guidance until his retirement in 1996 maintained Ziker Cleaners strong market position and grew the Industrial Uniform business that started in 1971 to become a huge portion of Ziker’s overall business.

In 2014 the Industrial Uniform segment of the company was sold off to focus on the drycleaning business. At that time it was decided to move the South Bend operation where it operated on Sample Street for 80 years to a more modern and centralized facility for its distribution to its St Joe and Elkhart Counties customer base. Ziker Cleaners found its new home on Byrkit Street in Mishawaka in 2016 where it celebrated its 100th year Anniversary in 2017. Dave Fischgrund retired in 2018 leaving David Ziker as the sole owner and family member to continue its long legacy of serving its customers, being active in the community, adapting to current social, economic, and environmental issues, and developing a team of engaged managers and employees.

Company Values

  • Customers Rule
  • Making a Difference in our Communities
  • Quality Relationships with Employees
  • Passion for Progress

Ziker Team

David Ziker


David officially began his career with the company after graduation from the IU School of Business with a degree in Finance in 1978. David grew up in the business from a very young age, worked after school and summers helping his Dad, Mort in all aspects of the business. David has worked in every part of the business and continues to learn and apply best business practices from the industry and beyond. Currently David is responsible for Strategic Planning, Finance, and Marketing.

John Mertes

General Manager

John joined the company in 1988 after a 9-year career in the Air Force as the manager of Ziker’s brand new Granger location that showed great promise for the company. John quickly was quickly recognized for his leadership skills and ability to get things done and was promoted to production manager and the central processing facility in South Bend. John currently manages the company for the owner with a vast scope of responsibilities that including managing the Leadership Team that oversees all operations of the company. John also is very active in the community most recently serving on the Potowatami Zoo Board for 10 years and most recently serving as its President during its once in a generation transformation of the Zoo.

Jami Olesen

Office Manager

Jami started working for Ziker in 2004 as a full time Sales Associate at the South Bend Avenue location putting herself thru college at IUSB. Jami has worked in many different areas of the company over her 16 plus year career with the company. Jami educated herself with accounting and Excel skills that have truly elevated her contribution to the company in the past 7 years. Jami is currently responsible for all Accounting functions, Banking, Human Relations. Jami also assists with vendor contracts and services, purchasing, social media, marketing design, and customer service.

Shayne Golden

Business Development

Shayne joined the company in 2000 as an Embroidery Technician for Ziker’s fast growing Industrial Uniform Rental Business. Shayne was recognized for his ability to promote and be a huge part of Ziker Cleaners quickly growing home pick up and deliver service in the early 2000’s. Shayne has worked in many aspects of the company including production management, equipment maintenance management, shuttle operations, implementation of technology and software applications for production automation and home delivery efficiency advancements. Currently Shayne is developing a business development position to expand and be effective growing Ziker’s business to business marketing activities.

Jennifer ProbsT

Director of Sales and Service

Jennifer joined Ziker in 2007 after a 10-year management career with New York and Company. Jennifer has a degree in Biology from the University of Indianapolis. Born and raised in South Bend, Jennifer returned with her family bringing her knowledge and expertise in retail brick and mortar sales management. Jennifer has a passion for inspiring her team to give the customer a fantastic experience with each and every transaction. Currently Jennifer is responsible managing all Ziker locations and home pick-up and delivery routes.

Maria Manriquez

Production Manager

Maria joined the production team of Ziker at its former location on Sample Street in South Bend in 1995. Maria has done and has expertise in every aspect of production for Ziker Cleaners and Laundry. Maria is a good trainer of new team members and for expanding current team members abilities to perform other functions or as we say, become cross trained. Maria is respected by her team and management peers. Recently Maria has continued to learn more about the actual drycleaning machinery, boiler/steam operations, and equipment preventative maintenance.

Bethann Hoggatt

Customer Care Manager

Bethann joined the company as a Sales Associate in 2017 at Ziker’s Byrkit Street location along with assisting with various business office functions. Bethann was quickly recognized for a deep-seated acumen in customer relations. Bethann is currently the store manager for the Brykit Street location, assists with business office functions, and manages Ziker’s very active Customer Care activities. Bethann is passionate about communicating with that has truly elevated the customer experience for the company.

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